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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): What Is It; Do I Need to Know About It?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that is important for every marketer to know about and utilize. However, many marketers have no clue about what it is and there is not much information about it. No one seems to even think that not everyone is aware of SEO.

What is SEO?
SEO is basically the art that determines how well you are going to do as opposed to your competition. Furthermore, SEO is a natural and free way to go about getting traffic from search engines. SEO involves the usage of appropriate keywords throughout your entire website without being a stuffer.

Anna Mackey who works at an Orange County SEO Firm explains, "SEO is a great way to gain valuable traffic naturally from the search engines. It involves making a website search engine friendly and helping create buzz so companies and bloggers link to you."

Why You Need To Know About SEO
SEO is something that plays a great deal as to where you will rank on the search engines. Studies have been performed that show the average internet users is not going to look past the first page and some will not even look past the first 5 results.

Tips for Google SEO
Now that you have learned what SEO is and why you need it now it is time to move on to the tips to insure that your Google SEO is the best that it can be. o Be Unique: It is very important that you make your website stand out from all of the other websites so you can get the results that you want. If your website is just like the others more than likely you are not going to rank how you want to rank. o Use Webmaster Tools: It is recommended that you have a subscription with Webmaster Tools because you will be alerted anytime Google finds something wrong with your website. This way you can fix whatever is wrong right away. o Keep Your Posts Up To Date and Relevant: When posting content to your website make sure that it is not only unique but something that is relevant to your website as well as something that has not already been discussed numerous times on other websites. o Use Social Media: Social media such as Google Plus and Twitter can work wonders for your ranking.

Overall, one of the keys to success in the marketing world is to master how to use SEO effectively. Once you have been able to master the science of SEO you will see your marketing career start to take off. However, you should be aware that this is not something that is going to happen overnight. So, do not become discouraged if you do not see the results that you want immediately.



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