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SEO Agencies

For many companies, SEO is still a dark science. They often struggle when it comes to deciding whether to hire a consultant or an agency. There are benefits to both. A popular choice is to hire an agency. Larger companies feel that agencies, because they're established, are more accountable for their SEO strategy and can cover more bases. The benefits to hiring an agency:

  • More resources. Agencies often employ writers, interns, and numerous SEO professionals to work on their clients' strategies.
  • Resources. When you hire an agency you can expect to benefit from the numerous relationships they've established with other blogs/networks.
  • Faster link building. Because of the resources these agencies have they are able to ramp up SEO link building strategies faster.
  • Pulled set of expertise. Varying opinions are an undervalued facet of agency life.
  • Varied set of services. An agency may be able to help you with design and website development issues you may have.

The main thing an agency can provide is resources. That's what you're paying for. While it's nice to have these resources at your disposal, an agency can get very expensive and costs can add up quick. They have salaries to pay and overhead to keep. Often times you can get roped into blog networks that have been penalized by Google either through the Penguin or Panda update. A huge reason for these algorithm changes can certainly be attributed to agencies setting up giant blog networks on the same IP and then putting all of their clients on them. Tread lightly when hiring a SEO agency.

Hiring a SEO Consultant

Other companies, after being burned by an SEO agency, will often look to consultants to run their campaigns. There are also numerous benefits to going this route which include:

  • Lower costs. SEO consultants will often charge much less than agencies. They have the benefit of having limited overhead.
  • Can work intimately with your product and marketing teams. Consultants can often work on-site and immerse themselves with your products and services.
  • Agile thinking. Agencies often have processes that need to be approved before they take action with their SEO strategy. An independent consultant can move quickly with the decisions, a mind-set that is paramount to any successful and long-term SEO strategy.

There are also downsides to hiring a consultant. Often times they can be flaky and unavailable. When you hire an agency you're often assured that you'll get top-notch customer support and someone will be there to pick the phone up when you call. This is important for many large enterprise companies and organizations.

Either way, SEO is a slow burn and it takes great deals of patience to see your strategy come to fruition. A properly-run SEO campaign takes money and fierceness.



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