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  Web Marketing  

Five Basics of Web Marketing

The internet has opened up a whole new, more productive world for marketing a business. Gone are the days of getting in touch with potential customers the old-fashioned way, by phone or in person.

Welcome to the digital age. Via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, marketers have the opportunity to touch the lives of customers much more efficiently, individually, and in remarkably high numbers. Contacting customers by phone or in person took time, absorbed valuable employee resources and provided far less information than these more advanced methods.

The following five tips are your from a web marketing Chicago firm for harnessing the power of the internet to market your business. So, let loose, get off the phone and fire up your laptop. The internet has opened a whole new world for viewing by business marketers everywhere.

Tip #1: Use Facebook and Twitter
According to Jim Joseph, the North American president of New York-based communications agency Cohn & Wolfe, in an article on, social media allows marketers to know their customers' lives like never before, by actually observing them, sometimes in real-time, as their every post and tweet opens a portal into their thoughts, feelings, wants and needs.

We live right beside our customers, according to Joseph. Marketers can use the information they gather directly from this research and tailor their services to the desires expressed by these customers.

Tip #2: Make a Brand
A business provides services to clients or customers. A brand fosters an emotional connection between a lifestyle and its followers. Create a brand and customers will go from needing your services to wanting your brand over and over again, according to Joseph.

If your consumers not only want your product or service but develop and emotional attachment, they are sure to have a more loyal connection to your company.

Tip #3: Create a Website
Practically all companies need one, digital and central location where they provide would-be customers with basic information about their company, like its vision and services. Use terms easily searchable on Google so that customer are likely to find your business via web searches. Most business entrepreneurs can easily use free services like Yola, Jimdo or Google Sites. Expensive web developers are seldom necessary.

Tip #4: Targeted Traffic
According to Mark Hamilton, a web marketing expert of Wealthy Affiliate University, it's good to bring in traffic to your business, but if those viewers are not prepared to buy, then your company is missing out on the opportunity to attract meaningful, loyola customers.

There are two basic approaches to gathering online traffic. One targets any online user, with total disregard to that consumer's internet searching and buying habits. The other targets consumers who are most likely to buy according to those former factors. The latter strategy is usually most successful.

Tip #5: Action
The best tip of all, according to Hamilton, is getting out there and actually working towards your marketing goals. Any advice for online, targeted and intelligent marketing means nothing unless a business is willing to consider this advice, understand its potential within the confines of a particular business model and execute.



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